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Hi! My name is Caroline Kern, and I am a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and certified LEAP therapist (CLT).  I believe in using food as medicine, and love helping people reach their health and wellness goals. I am a born and raised Texarkana, TX native currently residing in Annapolis, MD.

Due to my own journey of IBS, migraines, and MRT food sensitivity testing, I understand first hand the challenge of figuring out what to eat to feel good without having to think about food all the time. It sure was exhausting, and now I am dedicated to giving people the help and nutrition counseling I wish I had during my challenging times.

My own walk with Christ continues to motivate me to help others. While I will never push my personal beliefs on anyone, I am happy to incorporate for anyone who desires.

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Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with Sam (husband), Mary Martha (daughter), and friends. Going for walks, hikes, or really just anything to spend some time in the sun is my cup of tea. Oh, and I do drink hot tea year round because it’s just so cozy and makes me smile.


  • MedStar Georgetown Cancer Institute working outpatient with cancer patients

  • MedStar Heart and Vascular Clinic working with heart failure and heart transplant

  • Inova Women's and Children's outpatient clinic working with gestational diabetes, childhood obesity, and picky eating

  • Group private practice specializing in GI

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Word on the Street

"After endless years of struggling with IBS, Caroline Kern developed a program for me that has given me "life changing" results. The improvement in my digestion and overall health has been quite amazing! Through nutrition, supplements and lifestyle changes, my quality of life has vastly improved."

Carla McCartin

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