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  • Caroline Kern

How Not to Choose a Probiotic

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Get one with the highest CFU's you can.

When choosing a probiotic, there are a million products on the market and it can be quite overwhelming. It seems like everyone has an opinion on this topic too. Something I hear often is to look for a probiotic with an "x" number of CFU's or colony forming units AKA the dose.

It's not that this doesn't matter, it does to a small degree, but it's definitely not the top priority when choosing which probiotic is best for you.

Only get one that requires refrigeration.

This is another comment I hear often. Again, a probiotic in the refrigerator section isn't a bad thing, but there are many great probiotics that have helped countless of my clients that won't be found in the refrigerator section.

You have to have prebiotics in it for it to work.

Prebiotics are the food to probiotics. It is what keeps probiotics alive and thriving once they are in our gut. Prebiotics play a crucial role in a healthy gut, however eating a variety of plant foods will provide you with prebiotics. They are not as difficult to get from food as probiotics. Foods like onion, garlic, banana, apples, oatmeal and more are all sources of prebiotics.

So how do I choose a probiotic?

The number one thing I evaluate in a probiotic is the strain or strains. There are a lot of different strains that are researched for various reasons. Making sure you get the right strain for your gut is important. For example, people prone to diarrhea can really benefit from Saccharomyces bouldarri. People struggling with leaky gut or poor blood sugar control can benefit from Akkermansia. The list goes on and on, but the actual strain is the biggest factor to consider when choosing a probiotic.

Secondly, I make sure the brand is high quality and 3rd party tested. This ensures that what is listed on the bottle is accurate. It's amazing how many supplements' labels are not accurate.

*Here are some of my favorite probiotics, all available through Fullscript which you can access here:

  1. Ortho Biotic by Ortho Molecular Products-my number one recommended probiotic

  2. Ther-Biotic by Klaire Labs

  3. Akkermansia by Pendulum

  4. Glucose Control by Pendulum

  5. Saccaromyces Bouldarii by Biotics Research or Allergy Research Group or Seeking Health

Have more questions or want a probiotic tailored to you by CC Nutrition? Schedule a consult today!

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*CC Nutrition makes a small commission off of products bought through Fullscript at no extra cost to you.

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